We respect your privacy

We don’t sell your data to advertisers and have no third party trackers, unlike most other search engines.

  • Your searches are always SSL-secured

    SSL encryption means that the data you send to Ecosia can’t be eavesdropped on by anyone monitoring your internet traffic. Qualys Labs gives Ecosia an A+ Score for our SSL strength.

  • No third party trackers

    We don’t use services like Google Analytics or social media trackers that expose your activity on Ecosia Search to third parties. However, we do share certain data with our search partner, Bing.

  • Respect for your settings

    We fully honor your browser’s Do Not Track setting. Many sites ignore this since it only indicates your preference and is not mandatory to follow.

  • No search leakage

    We prevent information from our search results page being passed on to the sites you visit. Learn more about what search leakage is.

Learn more about our privacy policy and the data that we do collect